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2015 GIF of the Year: Tymsanity vs Defensive Tidal Wave

The 4th seeds take over!

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

4. Tymsanity




Brady would try this throw, like, five other times during the year and nothing really happened. But this...this happened.

Brady threw it into triple coverage, but Tyms just wanted the ball more than the Bills defender. He made an insane catch. This was the start of a beautiful season by Tyms, where he started his streak of six straight 100+ yard games and...oh, sorry. I was dreaming.

Tyms really didn't do much on field after this play as the Patriots tried to introduce Aaron Dobson back into the offense. But Tyms was a phenomenal team player, who could be seen cheering for his teammates in every single game, and working his tail off in practice.

His story is far from over.

13. Defensive Tidal Wave

This is a one point game in the 4th quarter. They had stopped just one drive the entire game. Why the heck did the Jets give the Patriots so much trouble this year?

This sack, though, it gave the Patriots hope. In seasons past, the defense probably couldn't be counted on to hold the opponent in the 4th quarter. Here? The youth was too much. Chandler Jones gets the sack. Jamie Collins get a pressure. Zach Moore is in the backfield. Dominique Easley and Dont'a Hightower team up to put the right guard on the ground.

Oh, and Rob Ninkovich was making noise, too. There's still hope for this defense.