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2015 GIF of the Year: Amendola Improvisation vs CANNONBALL

The 4th seeds take over!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

4. Amendola Improvisation

Yes, this is Tom Brady scrambling against a three man rush. You'll have to forgive him as both Dan Connolly and Bryan Stork were injured, so Jordan Devey and Josh Kline were the starters.

Danny Amendola's play was called "the greatest route ever run" by Rex Ryan. It was mostly sarcastic. He was befuddled as to why his defense didn't consider the fact that, hey, Amendola's probably running towards the goal line, so please don't let him get behind you.

This is a 3rd and 19, too, which means the stakes of this throw probably exceed your perception. This was a big time throw and catch by two players who still hadn't yet rebounded from their early season criticisms.

Danny Amendola was huge every time he was called upon by the Patriots. This is just another example.


Let's ignore the fact that Dominique Easley threw out his shoulder on this play, okay? Let's instead relish on the fact that he did by laying the boom on a return, but probably actually did it while throwing a karate punch in post-hit celebration.

Please stay healthy, Dom. Please don't ever ever ever ever ever ever do it again.

But please hit the opposing quarterback.