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2015 GIF of the Year: Bill Belichick Laughs At Controversy vs A Hoomangous Catch

The 5th seed takes over!

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

5. Bill Belichick Laughs At Controversy

I stand in full support of Mike Giardi asking Bill Belichick whether or not the Patriots were going to address the quarterback position after the Chiefs game.

Look at the context of the question- Tom Brady hasn't looked good all season (and yes that's probably a lot due to the offensive line). He laid two consecutive stinkers against the Raiders and the Chiefs. He was forcing passes that rookies wouldn't even consider throwing.

Brady was benched late into the game. Or "sat down" since the game was over. Either way, the Patriots waved the white flag on offense and put in their back-up rookie quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo who immediately led a touchdown drive. The offense rallied and they decided not to go gently into the night.

Giardi was asking a reasonable question, especially from a journalistic standpoint. Brady wasn't getting it done. Garoppolo got it done. Is this worth evaluating?

Bill Belichick left no room for dispute. A dismissive was the perfect answer at this moment. An actual response means justifying and protecting Brady. Ignoring the question makes it seem like you're hiding something below the surface. This laugh? It led to the Patriots moving on to Cincinnati and it was the greatest press conference moment of the year.

12. A Hoomangous Catch

So Michael Hoomanawanui is an actual tight end on the team who can catch passes. This was his third catch of the season and he finished the regular season with 3 catches for 44 yards.

Hooman was never really a receiver at any point in his career. He caught 40 passes for 490 yards and 4 touchdowns over three seasons in college. He has not yet broken 150 yards in any given season.

Yet Josh McDaniels freaking loves him. It's probably for plays like this, where he makes everyone remember oh wow Hooman can catch?!

This is an under the radar play. If Rob Gronkowski made this play, it'd be considered one of his top 5 plays of the season. If this were Julian Edelman we'd all still be freaking out that he got his feet down.

But this is Hooman, forever underrated, even though he made clutch plays like the above when his number was called. Oh- and he caught a pass in every postseason game, so that's a fun fact no one knew about because it's Hooman.