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2015 GIF of the Year: Jamie Collins Spear Fumble vs Brandon Bolden's Contract Extension

The 5th seed takes over!

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

5. Jamie Collins Spear Fumble

You might notice how horribly awful and bad and no good this GIF is. It's tiny. It stops at the end and holds in a freeze frame with Mike Wallace eating the turf. Jerod Mayo is recovering the football out of the frame. A little blue thing shows up at the bottom left in the middle of the GIF.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the first GIF I ever made.

I was planning re-uploading a better GIF, but that's not what this contest is about. This is about capturing the moment as we saw them unfold.

This is a play from Week 1 when the season was full of hope and not yet full of disaster or, I guess, not yet full of hope reloaded. Jamie Collins was expected to take a major leap this season after a tremendous finish to the 2013 season and this is the exact play that everyone had in mind.

He wasn't perfect; he didn't hit his stride until the middle of the season due to a thigh injury and just general hesitance in run defense. But this play encapsulated the dream we all had for Collins this season.

12. Brandon Bolden's Contract Extension

This hit did not draw a flag. If Brandon Browner threw this block, he'd be suspended for the next three seasons, or be charged with deflating footballs or something. The Colts player was hit so hard that he was spitting up blood as he walked to the sideline.

Injuries are not to be celebrated- but big hits are a part of the game. This block came after Brandon Bolden received a contract extension with the team and he made multiple special teams plays in the game.