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2015 GIF of the Year: Gronk Doing Gronk Things vs The Flying IncrEdelman

The 5th seed takes over!

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

5. Gronk Doing Gronk Things

Rob Gronkowski didn't score here, but at this point in the season he was good for something insane every single week. You'll have seen that he has a ridiculous play from Week 8, Week 9, and Week 11 (Week 10 was a bye) already in this tournament. This was Week 13 against the Packers.

We are bearing witness to the most talented tight end in the history of football, catching passes from the greatest quarterback in the history of football. Gronk is going to shed however many blockers it takes to make 12 look like Tom Brady.

I feel like most people saw this play and were surprised that he didn't make it into the end zone.

12. The Flying IncrEdelman

Y'all underestimating how amazing this GIF is, guaranteed. Sorry, Julian Edelman.

Edelman probably has less than a 50% chance of catching football if the defensive back doesn't extend their arms since Edelman isn't even looking for the ball yet. You can see the full spectrum of thoughts and emotions from the defensive back:

1) Oh, he might turn his head, I should think about defending the ball.

2) Nah, I'm just going to push him instead. Shove.

3) Look he's going to the ground! I did a good jo- oh, why did the ball just hit the ground?

4) Oh, dang, that might not've been legal. Let me look to see if the ref saw the play.

5) Yeah. Yeah he saw it. Oh man.

6) I've just made a huge mistake.

And the fans are throwing their hands up, like I can't believe they threw a flag on that!! even though it was probably the funniest and most blatant pass interference call of the season.