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2015 GIF of the Year: Hot Potato vs The Return of the Gronk Spike

The 5th seed takes over!

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

5. Hot Potato

Week 5, one game after Kansas City ripped out the hearts of Patriots fans everywhere, New England showed that theirs was still beating.

Tom Brady didn't rush for a touchdown during the game. Julian Edelman didn't catch one. But this GIF is one of the more important moments of the entire season.

First, the bond between Brady and Edelman cannot be understated. Whether it's having the trust to throw to across the middle, or the excitement to "see my guy" in the end zone, these two players would do anything for each other. Edelman wasn't this player last season as he continued to fill the vacancy left by Wes Welker. This year, he continued to grow and his relationship with Brady blossomed.

Second, this game was the turning point for the season. Whether it was Rob Gronkowski saying that he wanted to "make 12 look like Tom Brady", or Edelman saying that Brady was the greatest quarterback of all time, this was a game where every single player on the Patriots rallied around their leader.

Edelman handing the ball back to Brady is symbolic of the support from the team. Brady slamming it into the ground signified the release of his anger and disappointment through the turf.

Brady was worried that he wasn't having fun playing football anymore after the Chiefs game. Spiking the football is fun.

12. The Return of the Gronk Spike

Speaking of spikes, this is Rob Gronkowski's touchdown catch in Week 1. There is literally nothing in this sequence that isn't awkward and cringey because please for the love of everything don't hurt yourself please please please oh no why is Danny Amendola with you Danny please don't hurt yourself.

Gronk was not yet back. He literally shed his cast in the 4th quarter against the Chiefs as a statement of his return. But for Week 1, the fact that Gronk was around and able to contribute? This was the biggest sigh of relief in an otherwise rocky start to a season.