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Seifert: Patriots One of the NFL Innovators in Analytics

ESPN performed a lengthy report of advanced analytics usage around the NFL. While the NFL shies away from the data, the Patriots are towards the top of the league.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Our friend Kevin Seifert has compiled a tremendous list and ranking of NFL teams and their general acceptance of advanced analytics. ESPN attempted to compare team's across sports, but no NFL team ranked in the top 10.

The Patriots have always been at the forefront of the analytics movement in the NFL due to the combination of Bill Belichick and Ernie Adams. New England often leverages Adams' background to incorporate financial techniques, such as perpetuities, to accumulate draft currency.

Seifert sums up the New England experience in perfect fashion:

One NFL analytics professional called the Patriots a "big black hole" when it comes to revealing any secrets, which of course applies to most everything they do under coach Bill Belichick. But some evidence of the implementation of analytics has escaped the Patriots' gravitational field, and it suggests that the Patriots are one of the most innovative teams in the NFL.

Seifert put in a lot of work and it's always great to see how the Patriots are pushing the boundaries with regards to innovative team building concepts.