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2015 GIF of the Year: Bill Belichick Belly Rub vs Brandon Bolden Block

The sixth seeds play host!

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

6. Bill Belichick Belly Rub

There are a couple ways that coaches interact after a game.

One is the hand slap and heel turn. This is generally reserved for begrudging rivals.

Another is the angry finger point. This is generally reserved for hated rivals, with Josh McDaniels or Angry Harbaugh probably involved.

A third is an overly personal conversion at midfield. This is generally for playoff games, where one coach is telling the other to "give 'em heck the next round" and "aw gee you're a great competitor" and "win one for the Gipper."

Then there's this. Bill Belichick is obviously showing Packers head coach Mike McCarthy the utmost respect after Green Bay won a hard fought battle. "Oh wow man," Belichick seems to say. "One heck of a game, we'll see you at the Super Bowl."

But then you see McCarthy triple tap Belichick's stomach.

That's a no-no. This is the equivalent of touching a pregnant woman's stomach without asking permission. This is the same as slapping your enemy with a glove in medieval times. This moment is theorized to be the reason for the Packers collapse at the end of the NFC Championship game.

You don't mess with dark magic, man. You just don't.

11. Brandon Bolden Block

Yo, Brandon Bolden has no chill. This is his second GIF in the tournament and the second player who removed from the game with a serious injury. Yeah, it's a game changing play, but dude. Holy cow.

Oh, and the blocker that kind of gives the noodle arms to Bolden? This video never gets old.