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2015 GIF of the Year: Matthew Slater Special Teams Terminator vs IncrEdelman Punt Return

The sixth seeds play host!

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

6. Matthew Slater Special Teams Terminator

We need to come up with a nickname for Matthew Slater.

Slaterminator. Termislater. Slayter. I don't know. Y'all are more creative. He deserves one.

This was one of the lone bright spots on an otherwise ghastly day for the Patriots. He did this all season. He's probably the best gunner of the past decade, at least- and since teams really didn't care as much about special teams in the past, it's probable that he's the best gunner of all time.

Another GOAT on the roster! SlaGOATer. I'm terrible.

11. IncrEdelman Punt Return

I will forever love this GIF for so many reasons. This is a play that spawned the "gotta see my guy" bromance sideline chat between Tom Brady and Julian Edelman. It was the Patriots driving the stake into the Broncos franchise. It was Edelman making a fantastic play. It was, like, the only time all season the Patriots weren't flagged on a return.

The best part? Watch Malcolm Butler, #21, act as Edelman's caravan down the sideline. The two are now buds after running the post-season circuit together. But this was a play that Butler had no idea what was going on, but he loved playing football and he was thrilled to be on the field and that's the type of player New England wants to groom into future stars.

Watch Butler at the 30 yard line- he probably should've blocked the Broncos #84, but luckily Edelman decides to cut back into the open field. Butler is just honed in on either the punter or the end zone. He has tunnel vision and only realizes that Edelman isn't following him after the punter runs away from him.

It's beautiful. Butler is beautiful. Edelman is beautiful. They're our guys.