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2015 GIF of the Year: Danny Amendola put the Team on his Back vs Full Moon of Gronk

The sixth seeds play host!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

6. Danny Amendola put the Team on his Back

Danny Amendola won three games for the Patriots this season: the two against Rex Ryan and the Jets, and one against the Ravens, Rex's former team, in the playoffs. Without Amendola's herculean outputs, the Patriots would not have won the Super Bowl this year, and that's just a fact.

Amendola's 217 all purpose yards in Week 16 against the Jets was the most for a Patriot all season, and Amendola used this game to grow Brady's trust down the final stretch of the season.

Just look at the way he cuts on this return and how he makes every single Jet look like a fool in the open field until he's finally tackled that Zach Sudfeld? Did former Patriots tight end Zach Sudfeld tackle Amendola?

Burn everything.

11. Full Moon of Gronk

If you pause this GIF at the exact right time, you can see Rob Gronkowski's butt crack. The previous statement is considered more valid scientific research than anything from Bill Nye during DeflateGate.

This was a gorgeous throw from Tom Brady to Gronk and it's this type of throw where the Ravens defensive backs could only throw up their hands and go, "damn, he made me look like an ass" or "my defense stinks" or "there's clearly a crack in our defenses."

The Patriots comeback against the Ravens has to be considered a top 10 game under Bill Belichick and this catch sparked the New England comeback. Sometimes the moon can be a beautiful thing.