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2015 GIF of the Year: Tom Brady's Flying Block vs Musket Guitars

The seventh seeds take over.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

7. Tom Brady's Flying Block

It's still very hard to believe that the Patriots almost lost to the Raiders. It's also more than evident that the New England struggles didn't stem from lack of trying. Julian Edelman throws a block to open the GIF, and then quarterback Tom Brady throws one of his own. Oh, and then Kenbrell Thompkins played in this game, against his current team.

At the time, it felt like Brady's recklessness resulted from a bubbled up frustration over how the offense couldn't string together consecutive positive plays. The line was atrocious, Brandon LaFell was still not yet integrated, and Rob Gronkowski wasn't healthy. Brady literally had to take the offense lower his shoulder to try and gain some yards.

When Bill Belichick talks about his team never giving up the fight, these are the plays he can point to. The team gets it from their leader and it's why every single player rallied to Brady's side for the entire season.

10. Musket Guitars

This is probably my favorite GIF of the year. Sorry, Malcolm. The fact that the militia would use their weapons as mock instruments is funny upfront. One dude is playing an awesome guitar solo, while the other one willingly decided to play the bass. Sorry bass players, but when you're playing air instruments, the bass is right between the recorder and the harp.

The fact that the old guy to the right taps the bass player on the shoulder and the bass player yields tells you everything you need to know. This is amazing perfect and I'll love this moment forever and ever.