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2015 GIF of the Year: Rob Gronkowski Dragging Half the Team vs Gronk Spike So Dismissive

The seventh seeds take over.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

7. Rob Gronkowski Dragging Half the Team

This is the exact moment that Rob Gronkowski decided that he was back. He decided that he was done playing at 80%. He decided that he didn't give a damn, he was going to make #12 look like Tom Brady. He literally sheds his arm guard at the end.

Of course, Jimmy Garoppolo is the one throwing this pass in the Chiefs game, but Gronk burst from his cocoon. He split four Kansas City defenders and brought them five extra yards over the goal line. While he may have eventually had better catch and runs on the season, this was probably the most important and it inspired the team for the rest of the year.

10. Gronk Spike So Dismissive

And this was the luck of the bracket. This is how Gronk opted to celebrate after the touchdown. He doesn't give a damn. This is how New England felt at the end of the game and, like Belichick's dismissive laugh at the quarterback controversy, the pure disgust from Gronkowski is exactly the only way he could have handled the moment.

This GIF also shows the future of the team. All three of New England's fourth round rookies, center Bryan Stork, offensive lineman Cameron Fleming, and running back James White, are the first to meet Gronk in the end zone. Gronk is still 25. Jimmy Garoppolo is the quarterback.

The mentality and leadership from the veterans on the team prepared the rookies for how to handle defeat, just as much as handle victory. This team is going to be fine for years to come.