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2015 GIF of the Year: Julian Edelman 69! vs Tavon Wilson Lowers the Boom

The seventh seeds take over.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

7. Julian Edelman 69!

The reason why this 69 yard touchdown was so funny was the Patriots road trip to San Diego. The Patriots went directly from Green Bay to San Diego and used practice facilities on the west coast. Rob Gronkowski decided to have some fun and created himself a jersey with the #69 on it. This Julian Edelman touchdown was tribute.

The Patriots play action was so dangerous last season and plays like this are why. New England might only send two players on a route, but they'll pick up a 69 yard touchdown on the play. Brandon LaFell is going to help block the entire time. LeGarrette Blount is going to sprint from the backfield, outrunning so many Chargers defensive backs, and make sure Edelman reaches the end zone.

This is also the longest Patriots play of the season. Whew.

10. Tavon Wilson Lowers the Boom

Do you remember Tavon Wilson? He was a second round pick that left everyone scratching their heads. He's become the team's dime back, when they need three safeties on the field. It's not a big role. But my goodness, did he bring it here, or what?

Wilson joined Danny Amendola as two players who saw increasing playing time down the stretch as the Patriots coaches increased their trust in their ability. Hits and, more importantly, stops like this are why the depth of the New England roster is such a key to the team's overall success.