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2015 GIF of the Year: SS Chandler Jones vs Vereen Kicks Down the Door

The seventh seeds take over.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

7. SS Chandler Jones

This has to be one of the prettiest pass rushes on the year. Chandler Jones fakes inside, gets his hands inside the left tackle's pads, dips and rips, tomahawk's the football out of the quarterback's hand, extends and recovers the football in the same motion.

This is tremendous athletic ability, with a great understanding of how to beat his man with technique. How the heck does Jones knock the ball free, extend, and recover the ball in the same exact motion? This just isn't fair.

The Patriots need Jones to provide this level of consistency next season. I wouldn't go against him.

10. Vereen Kicks Down the Door

This celebration by Shane Vereen is for Stevan Ridley, who was injured and out for the season in the prior week. Ridley's celebration is to kick down the door, which Vereen performed as tribute to his fellow back. The fact that this was an early touchdown against the Jets is just a bonus.

The Patriots running back room is one of the closest on the team and it's powerful how connected they are. Vereen is the leader, while Ridley was the heart. This is why New England wants Vereen to return.