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Lions Release Reggie Bush, Should Patriots Be Interested?

Should the Patriots be interested in the dynamic running back?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Lions have cut running back Reggie Bush from their roster after two seasons with the team.

Immediate question that follows: should the Patriots be interested?

The Patriots are open for a running back with soft hands as Shane Vereen is a free agent who is looking for $5 million per season- well above the New England price range. Bush is coming off an injury-plagued season and, at 30 years old next season, doesn't have the Fountain of Youth in his pocket, which means his price tag might be slightly more reasonable.

Bush is just one year removed from a 1,500+ yards from scrimmage season with the Lions, which followed up consecutive 2,660 yards from scrimmage over two seasons with the Dolphins. A healthy Bush is an undeniably fantastic and versatile running back.

The Lions are letting Bush walk because they have a capable running back in Theo Riddick who stepped up and produced while Bush was injured. Bush was slated to average $4 million per season under his old contract in Detroit.

If New England is looking for a veteran to pair with James White, it is hard to find one better than Bush, who has collected 34+ receptions in every season in the league. Bush is a far better runner than Vereen ever was, and their dynamism as a receiver are roughly on par. The question is whether a 30 year old back is worth the tread on the tires.

The Patriots should extend a feeler to see how Bush is currently feeling. If he's willing to take less money than Vereen, then Bush should absolutely be a viable option for the New England committee. The pairing of LeGarrette Blount and Bush is just too tantalizing to overlook.

If the price was right, would you be interested in bringing Reggie Bush aboard?