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2015 GIF of the Year: Gronk Loves to Dance vs Tom Brady WOOOOO

The final match-ups of the opening round!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

8. Gronk Loves to Dance

Rob Gronkowski loves to beat the Colts. He's personally 5-0 against them. He could probably beat them 11-1. He didn't like how Sergio Brown was running his mouth, or how he felt disrespected by Indianapolis.

Bill Belichick put it perfectly when he yelled at Gronk that the Colts "can't tackle you! They can't ****ing tackle you!"

At this point, when you're in the other team's house and winning by roughly 80 points, all you can do is dance. Dance away, Gronk. Dance away.

9. Tom Brady WOOOOO


This game also happened to be against the Colts and the Patriots had no issue throwing Indianapolis out of the club and into the rain.

Tom Brady knew he was on the jumbotron. He knew everyone wanted a reaction from him. The feeling of energy and excitement you get from watching this GIF is a little appetizer into how he makes his teammates feel in the huddle. He's inviting you onto the team. This is a personal moment between Tom and every single fan that stuck with this team throughout the ups and downs of the seasons, who sat through the cold and the elements, who always stood by his side.

That's because Brady knew that it wasn't booooo the fans were saying after Week 4. The fans were saying woooooooo. It's a common mistake, and it's one that Brady is willing to overlook because goshdarnit he loves you.