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2015 GIF of the Year: Lamar Miller's Mile High Shoe vs Alfonzo Dennard High Point

The final match-ups of the opening round!

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

8. Lamar Miller's Mile High Shoe

This is a terrible, awful, no good, very bad angle of this incident. Go watch the video of it happening here. It will be much better.

But realize that this entire GIF takes place prior to his shoe hitting the ground. The Patriots force the fumble. Lamar Miller's shoe goes into orbit. Darrelle Revis knocks the ball around a little bit before recovering it. Then the shoe lands.

It was truly mesmerizing.

9. Alfonzo Dennard High Point

I titled this GIF back in Week 1 (yes, the GIFs were all really, really, really bad for the first quarter of the season. What can I say, I was copying the Patriots). I was referring to how well Alfonzo Dennard high pointed the football. This probably wound up being his high point for the year.

What the heck happened to Dennard? He was also a solid #2 cornerback who was able to play well with the sideline, which meant that any foray into the slot was set for disaster...

Wait, can we combine Dennard and Kyle Arrington into one player? Is that something that can be done? Bill, memo, something to look into this off-season. No thanks needed.