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2015 GIF of the Year: Jamie Collins Coverage Pick vs Collins Covers Calvin

The final match-ups of the opening round!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

8. Jamie Collins Coverage Pick

Patriots linebacker Jamie Collins is good for a couple plays that will make you think oh my goodness this guy should be playing strong safety. This is one of them. Collins is covering rookie tight end Jace Amaro and ends up running his route for him.

Quarterback Geno Smith is trying to get rid of the ball because Chandler Jones is in his face (remember: disruption is production). Devin McCourty is the deep safety, while Brandon Browner is creeping on Geno's left side. As Geno is expected to do, he short arms the ball to avoid McCourty, and the hit prevents the follow through.

Collins is sitting inside of the route the entire way. There's zero reason to throw this football. I really hope the Jets don't draft a quarterback this season.

9. Collins Covers Calvin

This marks the third same-player head-to-head in the opening round. There was a 1-16 Julian Edelman bout, and a 7-10 Rob Gronkowski match. Edelman and Gronk won each vote, respectively.

Do you love physical defense? Do you know exactly how the Seahawks broke the Broncos will to compete in the Super Bowl? It was by knocking the opposing receiver on their behind on every shallow crossing route. There's a book about the Jets team called "Collision Low Crossers" where the title is derived from exactly what Jamie Collins is doing to Calvin Johnson.

Colliding with the low crosser. So long as the receiver never draws level with the defender, and so long as it's within five yards of the line of scrimmage, this "chuck" from Collins is completely legal. Ruining the opposing receiver's day is a way to get them to alligator arm in contended places, and that's what Collins is doing here. It's beautiful.