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2015 NFL Mock Draft: Todd McShay's Latest Projection for the Patriots

The draft guru has a new mock draft for the masses.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best parts about mock drafts is how each mock is a unique snowflake. Each draft provides an opportunity for a cascade of differences from one to another. It makes each one so exciting and clickable.

It's particularly good when there's a brand new name to spark discussion. Who is this player? some might ask. Could their athletic ability be mistaken for that of a mid-tier Marvel superhero?

Part of the joy in draft season is the experience of uncovering and unwrapping new prospects like Christmas morning. Mocks are there to inspire research and the formulation of half-baked opinions. Is Devin Funchess really a good fit in New England? Why is everyone giving the Patriots another offensive weapon? Wait, no really, if they can't run routes, why would you give them to the Patriots?

So when ESPN's Todd McShay released his latest mock draft, I was excited to see what the latest experiment had in store.

It's still Iowa defensive tackle Carl Davis. Sorry to disappoint. McShay just gave everyone pair of preworn socks for the holidays.

Analysis: Todd Gurley would be an intriguing option here if he fell to this spot, and Michigan receiver Devin Funchess might also make sense as another weapon in the passing game alongside Rob Gronkowski. But Davis would help shore up the defensive line. His effort was inconsistent at Iowa but he has the traits you're looking for at the position: 6-5, 320 pounds with 34.6-inch arms and very good explosiveness (5.07 40-yard dash and a 39-inch vertical leap). Vince Wilfork would need to teach Davis how to be a pro.

At least he gave the Seahawks Todd Gurley for the second time in a row. They don't deserve presents either.

Are you all still a fan of this connection?