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2015 GIF of the Year: Round 1 In the Books

With the first round in the books, let's see the final 32 GIFs still standing.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

That was exhausting. And exhilarating. I had the good fortune to go through every single GIF from this year, sort them by votes received, create a bracket, and share them with you. I was able to relive the highlights of every single week and every single moment was happy.

Even the Week 1 game against the Dolphins. Even the Chiefs and Packers games. Winning heals all wounds and seeing the struggles and knowing that the Patriots were able to overcome them all made each moment all the more sweet.

It was exhausting. You can relive all the moments for yourself.

Below is the current bracket (click to enlarge):

Bracket 2

You'll note that the only seed still intact is the #2 seed, as all four made their way to the next round. There was a major #16 seed upset in the Kevin Faulk division.

Malcolm Butler won in the biggest landslide of the tournament. The closest vote was between Air Vince Wilfork and LeGarrette Blount the Bowling Ball in a 51-49 vote separated by only 10 votes.

All of the remaining GIFs are still extremely strong. It's going to be a great final stretch.