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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Malcolm Butler Saves the Season vs Gronk Loves to Dance

The Tedy Bruschi Division starts the next round!

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

1. Malcolm Butler Saves the Season

I still can't believe this play happened. This is a play that just never happens ever ever ever ever ever. Not in practice. Not in the preseason. Not in the regular season. Let's be serious, this is an extremely safe play for the Seahawks, except that in a one in a million chance, the one happens.

Brandon Browner was perfect. Malcolm Butler went Super Saiyan mixed with Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker. Ricardo Lockette is demolished by a sniper. On the biggest stage in the history of the sport.

Hubba hubba.

8. Gronk Loves to Dance

Rob Gronkowski earned over 61% of the vote against Tom Brady in the first round so he clearly holds a lot of clout. But is there too much Gronk in this tournament?

No. The answer is no. There is never enough Gronk.

When watching Gronk dance, it's a strange experience. He looks like he's having fun, with his tongue wagging and everyone watching. But look at his eyes. He doesn't seem happy while he's dancing. This is a dance out of frustration and just sheer disdain for the Colts. This is Gronk when he's upset.

I love Gronk.