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Patriots Special Teams Coach Scott O'Brien Retires from Coaching

Patriots special teams coach Scott O'Brien has retired from coaching, but will remain with the franchise in an unannounced capacity.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

For special teams coach Scott O'Brien, what better way to go out than after winning a Super Bowl? Today, he has announced his retirement from the position. His assistant, Joe Judge, will take over his role.

O'Brien, 57, has been the special teams coach for six different NFL franchises since 1990. He assumed the role for the Patriots in 2009, taking over after three time Super Bowl winner Brad Seely bolted for the Browns.

Although O'Brien is retiring from his coaching position, he will remain with the franchise in an unannounced role. Bill Belichick had the following to say on O'Brien's tenure with the franchise:

"I have never worked with a coach better than Scott O'Brien. Scott is second to none at preparation, strategy, teaching, techniques, fundamentals, scouting and virtually any other aspect of teambuilding, game planning or player development that exists in football. I thank Scott for making me a better coach, finding and developing countless players and being such a tremendous asset at both organizations we worked together. Scott O'Brien is undoubtedly one of the finest coaches of his generation and he deserves having his final game be a Super Bowl championship. While we will miss his contributions in coaching, we look forward to continuing to work with him in other capacities."

Congrats to coach O'Brien!

As for O'Brien's replacement, Joe Judge, he's been with the Patriots since 2012 as an assistant special teams coach. He comes from the Nick Saban coaching tree, having spent three years under Saban as a Football Analyst at Alabama. He graduated from Mississippi State, where he was a quarterback.