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2015 NFL Draft Order: Patriots draft picks, compensatory picks, and more

Taking a closer look at the draft picks the Patriots are set to receive in the 2015 NFL Draft.

This is what BB is really pumped about... draft picks!!!
This is what BB is really pumped about... draft picks!!!
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2014 NFL Season in the books, the New England Patriots are Super Bowl Champions (that never gets old, does it?), which means that their assigned draft pick will be at the end of each round. Although compensatory selections have yet to be distributed, we now know the full NFL draft order for the first three rounds.

Patriots Picks

The Patriots could always trade any of these selections, but for the first three rounds through pick 96, the order is set.

Round 1, Pick 32
Round 2, Pick 64
Round 3, Pick 96

Remaining Picks

The actual draft slot of these picks will change due to compensatory assignments. Nonetheless, the Patriots own the following picks:

Round 4, Pick 2 (from Buccaneers – Logan Mankins trade)
Round 4, Pick 32 (assigned)
Round 6, Pick 2 (from Buccaneers – Jonathan Casillas trade)
Round 7, Pick 2 (from Titans – Akeem Ayers trade)

Compensatory Selections

New England is also set to receive multiple compensatory draft selections due to free agents they lost in the 2014 offseason. has projected the Patriots to receive a third and seventh round pick:

Round 3 – Aqib Talib
Round 7 – Dane Fletcher

Compensatory selections are based on an unknown formula based on the free agents a team signed and lost and cannot be traded. Someone like Darrelle Revis would not count against the Patriots, because he was released by his previous team, the Buccaneers. In their calculations, has the Patriots losing four (LeGarrette Blount, Aqib Talib, Brandon Spikes, and Dane Fletcher) while signing two (Brandon Browner, Brandon LaFell).