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2015 NFL Offseason Schedule: Combine, Free Agency, NFL Draft, Key Dates, and More

Here are key dates for the upcoming off-season schedule.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

As the Patriots move past the Super Bowl and on to 2015!, there are some key dates on the near horizon.

Regional Combines - This is for players that are NFL caliber, but didn't receive an invite to the National Combine.

February 7: South Regional Combine, Davie, Florida

February 14: Southwest Regional Combine, Houston, Texas

February 21: West Coast Regional Combine, Dove Valley, Colorado

February 28: East Coast Regional Combine, Owings Mills, Maryland

March 7: Midwest Regional Combine, Lake Forest, Illinois

March 21-22: Super Regional Combine, Phoenix, Arizona (last chance combine, invite only)

NFL Combine - This is the main event that everyone will be watching.

February 17-23: NFL Combine, Indianapolis, Indiana

Franchise Tags - The Patriots might be looking to tage Devin McCourty or Stephen Gostkowski with the franchise tag if they are unable to come to a long term deal. No other Patriots free agent would really be considered for this.

February 16: Franchise and Transition tags begin

March 2: There is a 4 PM EST deadline for tag designation

Free Agency Period - Teams will start spending their cash during this time frame. Don't freak out if the Patriots haven't maxed out their credit cards after the first day.

March 7-10: Teams are allowed to contact agents to start negotiations, but contracts cannot be put in place until 4 PM EST on the 10th

March 10: Prior to 4 PM EST, Teams must exercise their 2015 options, as well as provide offers to Restriced Free Agents (RFAs) and Exclusive Rights Free Agents (ERFAs); All franchises must be under the 2015 Salary Cap at this point

March 10: After 4 PM EST, the 2015 League Year begins and free agents and start to sign contracts

April 24: RFAs offer and signing deadline

April 29: Teams must decide whether or not they'll match offers for RFAs

NFL Meetings - This is where coaches and owners discuss rule changes and other topics.

March 22-25: NFL Annual Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona

Offseason Workouts - Look for the Patriots to get a jump start on the new season. This will be interesting to see how injured players are looking, with key eyes on Jerod Mayo, Aaron Dobson, and Dominique Easley.

April 6: Teams with new coaches can start offseason workouts

April 20: Teams with returning coaches can start offseason workouts

The Draft - The Holiday Season of football. YES!

April 30-May 2: NFL Draft, Chicago, Illinois

Are you ready for 2015?