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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Opposite Ends of the Spectrum vs Nate Solder is a Former Tight End

The Troy Brown division takes on the second round!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

6. Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

How was this GIF a 6th seed? This has to be an all-time reaction GIF.

Patriots force a turnover? It works!

Patriots score a touchdown? Still works!

Patriots force a turnover and score a touchdown? Even better!

Rumor has it that you could watch this GIF on repeat for five minutes and still feel just as happy as the first time you saw it. You should try it.

14. Nate Solder is a Former Tight End

This is still just a two score game early in the second half, so it's probably a ridiculously gutsy call to throw a third down pass to an offensive tackle inside the red zone.

But then you have to realize that the Colts defense wasn't good enough to stand on the same field as New England's practice squad. Watch how starting linebacker D'Qwell Jackson, number 52, can't catch a 320-pound offensive tackle in the open field.

It comes from the incompetence of their front office. They're awful.