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Friday's Patriots Free Agency Updates, News, and Rumors Tracker

A live tracker of every Patriots news, rumor, and update from Friday.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots will absolutely need to remodel their secondary and the free agency crop is growing thin.

Chris Culliver just signed a deal worth $8 million per season with Washington, effectively removing all the top candidates from the market.

The top remaining player is the 32-year old Tramon Williams, who is expected to stay in Green Bay as his other suitors (Philadelphia, Seattle, New Orleans) have all signed cornerbacks.

Former 49ers cornerback Perrish Cox is drawing interest from the Browns, Titans, and Washington, and has too many off-the-field issues for the Patriots to be too interested.

Former Saints cornerback and first round pick Patrick Robinson has been wildly inconsistent, but is drawing interest from the Dolphins, Panthers, Saints, Steelers, and Vikings.

There's no guarantee with any remaining player and it's hard to say that any player still on the market is definitively better than who New England has on the current roster.

Who's ready to draft a defensive back in the first round?

As mentioned yesterday, this is when the Patriots pounce on undervalued free agents. Get ready for a fun day.