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Patriots Sign Scott Chandler

A former thorn in New England's side is now a member of the Patriots.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

There are certain players in the National Football League that, no matter their actual skill level, seem to give the New England Patriots fits. Bernard Pollard is the obvious example, as every single Patriot he touches shatters. But there are also players out there who simply put up great numbers against this team, for whatever reason. Steve Smith is such a player. So is Fred Jackson. Chad Pennington, back in the day, used to always find a way to engineer 17 play, 36 yard drives that took 24 minutes off the clock and ended in touchdowns. Call it what you will, but you can always count on a select number of players to simply eat New England's lunch whenever they get the chance.

Well luckily for us, one of those players is no longer a threat, as Scott Chandler has agreed to terms with the Patriots this afternoon. At 6'7" and 260 pounds, Chandler is an absolute monster who provides some quality depth to a position that is starting to look like one of the team's strongest. Chandler excels as a blocker, is a legit red zone threat, and is capable of hauling in passes from the likes of Ryan Fitzpatrick and Kyle Orton, so it's fairly certain that Tommy B will find use for him as well.

If your only exposure to Chandler is when he was playing the Patriots, you'd think he was the 2nd best TE in the league behind Gronk; in reality, Chandler is likely more of a depth signing and an additional red zone threat due to his size and strength. But with Gronk, Chandler, and Tim Wright, that versatility at the position is starting to return.