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Patriots Free Agency Updates, News, and Rumors Weekend Tracker

Follow along for all of the New England Patriots rumors, news, and updates from this weekend.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Per Adam Schefter, running back Reggie Bush has signed with the 49ers. C'est la vie.

The Patriots have essentially chosen to tap out of this free agency period as contracts were going haywire. As soon as Bill Belichick recognized that Darrelle Revis had priced himself out of New England, they made moves to secure Devin McCourty for the long term. That was their move and that's a smart decision.

Beyond McCourty, the Patriots have been sitting on their hands. We've seen career #2 cornerbacks receiver record money. We've seen defensive tackles price themselves through the roof. We've seen All Pros traded for All Pros. It's been crazy.

And yet New England is staying put. It's as if they have a plan.

During this period, it's clear the Patriots have a couple vacancies in the secondary. Logan Ryan, Alfonzo Dennard, Kyle Arrington, and Malcolm Butler are all quality rotational players, but can any of them grab a starting role and not let it go? We've seen all four get benched throughout last season.

New England also hasn't touched their interior line on either side of the ball. Captains Dan Connolly and Vince Wilfork both remain free agents, but there are far fewer quality offensive interior linemen than defensive linemen, so perhaps a Connolly return is more likely.

As we head into the weekend, please use the comments section to point out any and all free agency news that you deem fit.