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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Tymsanity vs Brandon Bolden's Contract Extension

The Matt Light Division plays in the second round!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

4. Tymsanity

Brian Tyms made the most of his opportunities. I'm not talking about the above play, since the Patriots kept trying to plug in Aaron Dobson over Tyms.

I'm talking about on the sidelines and as a teammate. There was not a single player on the team more excited than Tyms during celebrations and mic'd up portions and any possible sideline camera shot. He wasn't hamming it up for the camera; instead, he was yelling at his teammates. He was making random gestures and noises. He was flexing and pumping his fist.

He's exactly what you want as the 5th wide receiver on the depth chart. You want a Brian Scalabrine.

12. Brandon Bolden's Contract Extension

Jamie Collins can dish out hits with the best of them, but Brandon Bolden smoked Collins with 85% of the vote in the opening round.

This is easily a top five nastiest hit for the Patriots on the year and the fact that the network decided to slowdown the replay made it even nastier. If you blink, you don't even see the blur of Bolden wipe out the Colts player- you actually have to look for him.

It makes me queasy every time.