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2015 NFL Draft: What are the Patriots Biggest Needs?

With the free agency period winding down, where do the Patriots find themselves with regards to needs in the draft?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots have opted to not spend in free agency since, well, they didn't really have the capital available. The best football teams always have depth because injuries happen and investing such a large part of the salary cap into individual players is a way to set up failure.

Instead, Bill Belichick has added role players to strengthen the back-end of the roster, bringing in competition for edge defender, tight end, wide receiver, and running back, and they've also shown interest in the linebacker position. It would seem as if the positions he's ignored are the interiors of both the offensive and defensive line, as well as the secondary.

Looking across the board, the Patriots will be missing their starting nose tackle Vince Wilfork (33 on September 2nd), their starting cornerbacks Darrelle Revis (30) and Brandon Browner (31), and the status of starting left guard Dan Connolly (33) is still up in the air. The running back is a rotation, but they'll be missing 3rd down back Shane Vereen (26) as well. They are returning starters at every other position.

The Patriots are fully committed to reloading and they're doing so by expecting their youth to continue to grow, while supplementing through cheap veterans in free agency. In my opinion, a focus on the defensive line, secondary, and offensive interior would make the most sense early on in the draft.

What would you consider to be the Patriots biggest draft need?