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Inaugural NFL Veteran Combine Takes Place Today

We all know the NFL’s Scouting Combine for college players. Today, the first ever veteran edition takes place.

"Hi, I'm Mike Kafka and I spent one offseason in Foxboro."
"Hi, I'm Mike Kafka and I spent one offseason in Foxboro."
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis is an annual fixture of the football calendar as it presents a chance to watch the country’s top college prospects work out. Coaches, scouts and front office members travel to LucasOil Stadium to evaluate the potential stars of the future.

This year, the combine-idea gets expended: the inaugural Scouting Combine for veteran NFL players takes place in Tempe, Arizona today.

The procedure is the same as it is with the college player version; the sole difference being that only veteran free agents are able to participate (no matter if they have actually played in the NFL or not). The veterans will run various drills, get measured and the whole procedure will be watched by NFL team scouts.

The following five players are former members of the New England Patriots (offseason and/or regular season), who will work out today:

DT Marcus Forston

QB Mike Kafka

QB Zac Robinson

WR LaQuan Williams

RB Cierre Wood

To view the entire list of the Veteran Combine’s participants click here. To follow the event, go to or watch the one-hour NFL Network special at 8:00 p.m. ET.