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Bill Belichick Crushes it at the Coaches Breakfast

Bill Belichick was his bright, sunny, cheery self at the NFL Coaches Breakfast this morning.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody likes waking up early in the morning. The alarm goes off, you fumble around in the dark reaching for your phone, stumble off to the shower...we all know the drill. Compared to the sheer, sheer joy of sleeping in and getting out of bed whenever you're good and ready and not a minute before, getting up early is one of the many, many indicators that somewhere along the line we as a species started doing it wrong.

And more often than not, when that alarm starts bleating and rousing us from dreams of making the game-winning interception for the Patriots to secure them their fourth Lombardi Trophy, it's because we have to go somewhere we don't particularly want to be, which only adds to the general sense of grumpiness that accompanies getting up in the morning. I mean who wants to get out of bed and go to work? Or roll out of bed to go to class? Nobody, that's who.

Nobody, that is, except for Bill Belichick.

Today is the annual AFC Coaches Breakfast, where coaches from all across the league get together to drink coffee, munch bagels, and discuss the upcoming league year. And while Bill Belichick has been known to skip the breakfast in the past, he was there this morning, absolutely crushing some orange juice and fielding a number of questions from reporters. Now if I were a betting man, my money would be on Belichick being grumpy, standoffish, and easily irritable early in the morning, choosing to answer questions with short, curt sentences and mumbly non-answers. So it came as a great surprise to me that the Belichick who appeared in front of reporters this morning could just as easily have been the one who took the podium late in the afternoon after a huge Patriots win. Who would have thought that a series of questions about Revis and Free Agency and how the defense is going to look in 2015 a full six months out from the official start of the season would get such thorough, cheery answers from our beloved leader? Once again, while the rest of the world plays morning checkers, Belichick is mastering some morning chess. Now this is how you behave once the sun goes up.

Check out the interview here.