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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: IncrEdelman Punt Return vs Danny Amendola Redemption Tour

The Matt Light Division plays in the second round!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

11. IncrEdelman Punt Return

I just noticed how the punter shies away from potential contact. Brandon Bolden gets two for flinching, although I guess I totally understand that after this GIF tournament.

Watch the punter and how he turtles and spins away from Bolden, even when he wasn't in actual danger. Look at how he runs after Julian Edelman just enough to show effort as a goal line offense, but actually doesn't even try to get Edelman to the ground.

Sums up the Broncos. Two for flinching.

14. Danny Amendola Redemption Tour

Danny Amendola is officially the Cinderella of the tournament. He beat the heavily favored shorthanded offensive line play with two-thirds of the vote. I think the receiver has secretly become a fan favorite and I think that everyone kind of hopes that he takes a pay cut so he can stay in New England next season.

We also know that he's facing off against Julian Edelman this round and Amendola might never win that fight.