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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Gronkowski Monster vs Musket Guitars

The Matt Light Division plays in the second round!

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

2. Gronkowski Monster

I think the only way to make the Patriots vs Bears game any better would be for it to happen under a flurry of snow. That's the only possible way because this game was perfect. Any time that a team scores three touchdowns in under 60 seconds is in the midst of a heat check, and the Patriots came out of halftime on fire.

New England is up 38-7 right after the half. Rob Gronkowski just discards the Bears defenders and scores again. How can Chicago even suit up knowing there's an entire half of football left to play?

10. Musket Guitars

Another GIF from the Bears game!

I told you that this was my favorite GIF of the year and I'm freaking thrilled that it made it past the first round. Whatever happens after this point is fine by me because at the very least, it's not Peyton Manning with a one-and-done.

Rock on, militia, rock on.

Also, any bets on what song they're actually playing? Has to be Crazy Train or something like that, right?