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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Vince Wilfork's Jumping Squirrel vs Danny Amendola put the Team on his Back

Second round of the Kevin Faulk division!

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

3. Vince Wilfork's Jumping Squirrel

Vince Wilfork has two GIFs in this bracket quadrant still alive. Football is a game of bounces and luckily the Patriots have someone with the girth of Wilfork who offers the gravitational pull to draw some of the bounces in New England's direction.

I also feel like Logan Ryan had a surprising number of plays go right through his hands this season- or I guess off his face. They were plays that I think he would have corralled as a rookie. I have to hope that he'll find his hands as he enters his third season with the team.

6. Danny Amendola put the Team on his Back

Danny Amendola is freaking quick and fast and wow, look how dynamic his very first cut is on the 28 yard line. He couldn't do that last season since he didn't have a groin. He breaks the ankles of #56. This is the Amendola the Patriots thought they were signing and it's the one they'll hopefully have if he's on the team moving forward.

You can also see the core special teams players all on this return. There's Malcolm Butler, Matthew Slater, Jonathan Casillas, Brandon Bolden, and Tavon Wilson. These are are players that flesh out the Patriots depth, but they're players who make the New England special teams unit the best in the league.