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The Salt Mine: League to Announce Penalties for Browns, Falcons on Tuesday

The league is tying up their investigations on two of their outstanding investigations. There's only, like, a hundred more to go.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Adam Schefter took to Twitter to announce that the league's expected penalties for two of their investigations will be coming on Tuesday.

For Decibacle, where the Falcons pumped in crowd noise for two seasons, the league is expected to fine Atlanta a draft pick, as well suspend team president Rich McKay from the competition committee. Yes, the person in charge of the Falcons, the team piping in noise when their opponents were on offense, has been on the competition committee for 21 seasons.

Wait, he's not just on the committee, he's been the chairman of the committee since 1998(edit: Falcons have been fined $350,000 and a future 2016 5th round pick)

As for the Text Pot Dome scandal, where the Browns general manager Ray Farmer sent illegal texts to the sideline in the most blatant example of Helicopter Parenting in recent NFL history, Cleveland isn't expected to lose a draft pick, but Farmer is expected to be suspended. (edit: literally just announced that Farmer has been suspended for 4 games and the Browns have been fined $250,000)

There's still no sign of a finish line for the Patriots Deflarthyism scandal, nor is there an expectation for any of the multiple tampering investigations or the fact that fifteen teams violated the rules by having veterans at rookie camp.

Roger Goodell is on the record stating that he believes the whole story of deflated footballs is coming to a close, but that Ted Wells, the investigator, hasn't provided an exact date. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have been interviewed. League sources have leaked story after story after story to incriminate the Patriots, only to have the narrative flipped and New England portrayed as innocent at each turn.

Based upon the lack of penalties for GloBall Warming, it doesn't seem reasonable to expect anything more than a fine should the league not find any devious activity from New England. Bill Belichick openly announced in his original press conference that the football preparation led to the decreased PSI that was seen across the board in the footballs. What remains to be seen is how the football in the Colts possession was the only one to be greatly below the minimum level.

Perhaps the league will blitz the announcements of all investigations on the 31st. Signs point to the Patriots having to wait a little bit longer. Ideally, all of these investigations will be completed prior to the draft, for the sake of potential draft capital penalties. Hopefully everything can tie up sooner rather than later so this can finally be put to rest.