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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Devin McCourty Breaks the Route vs Tom Brady Takes Matters In His Own Hands

Second round of the Kevin Faulk division!

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

9. Devin McCourty Breaks the Route

I love this camera angle. I love absolutely everything about how you can try and diagnose what Joe Flacco is seeing unfold. Part of me thinks that Flacco couldn't see Devin McCourty behind Owen McDaniels, or maybe Flacco thought that McCourty would bite on the deep coverage.

But you can see McCourty breaking on the route before Flacco even cocks his arm back to throw. This was an interception the entire way and I have no idea why Flacco even threw it.

There was no one open on this play, other than McCourty. I'm glad he caught it.

16. Tom Brady Takes Matters In His Own Hands

Another fantastic GIF from the Ravens game, which was possibly the most GIFable game of the year.

A Tom Brady scramble GIF is a hard one to beat because he usually jumps up and starts screaming at the moon. This is necessary because Brady only scrambles if it will fire up the team. You can tell just how badly the Patriots needed him by how Brandon LaFell kind of trudges towards the sideline while unstrapping his helmet.

It's okay. You can see the veterans on the team react accordingly. Danny Amendola runs to Brady. Sebastian Vollmer pumps his fist. It's why veteran leadership is important, or why Brady running is the greatest thing to ever happen to the Patriots franchise.

Probably more of the former, but the latter is a nice thought.