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Greg Bedard's Free Agent Rankings: Patriots Breakdown

The former Patriots beat writer has compiled a list of the top free agents. Here's how the Patriots stand in his eyes.

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Former Patriots beat writer Greg Bedard has done a terrific job at Monday Morning Quarterback and he's compiled a list of the top 100 free agents. With free agency set to start next Tuesday at 4 PM, and teams allowed to negotiate with other team's free agents starting this Saturday, it'll be interesting to see how everything plays out.

Here's Bedard's list of 51-100Here's 1-50. Bedard ranks the player and provides a best landing spot, so here's the Patriots highlights:

81. Patriots G Dan Connolly, best fit: Patriots. Connolly will likely be a camp body this off-season with a shot at making the roster as a depth player. The team can't expect him to be a full time starter in 2015.

53. Patriots K Stephen Gostkowski, best fit: Patriots. He's received the franchise tag and will be around for 2015, and possibly longer.

50. Patriots RB Shane Vereen, best fit: Giants. While Vereen is a good fit with the Patriots, it's likely some team with more cap space will extend themselves to bring aboard one of the best receiving backs in the league.

49. Browns TE Jordan Cameron, best fit: Patriots. Cameron is a move tight end who would be extremely productive, but is coming off an injury-filled season.

24. Dolphins DT Jared Odrick, best fit: Patriots. Odrick is a versatile defensive lineman who can play 4-3 tackle and 3-4 end. He's had success against New England and would be a quality starter.

5. Patriots S Devin McCourty, best fit: Patriots. Bedard finds it "difficult to project a divorce." Everyone still expects a McCourty return.

I'm kind of surprised a player like Connolly cracked the top 100, but Akeem Ayers couldn't break the back of the list, but overall it looks extremely reasonable. McCourty is Bedard's second highest ranked free agent who didn't receive the franchise tag, behind Detroit's Ndamukong Suh.

What do you think of the list? How do you like the non-Patriot matches?