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Bills Acquire Matt Cassel, Belichick Gets Buffalo Insider

Buffalo hasn't stopped and they've made another loud pre-free agency play. Here's how it affects the Patriots.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills have made another major play to address their quarterback position. They've traded a 2015 5th round pick and a 2016 7th round draft pick to the Vikings in exchange for veteran quarterback Matt Cassel and a 2015 6th round pick, per Fox Sports' Alex Marvez.

This is a tremendously low risk play for the Bills who are looking for a veteran quarterback to push EJ Manuel for the starting role.

Cassel has spent the last two seasons in Minnesota after a four-year stint with the Chiefs. Cassel is also a former Patriot, starting the 2008 season when Tom Brady went down with an injury.

Of course, we all know that this move is just so Bill Belichick can have a plant inside the Bills headquarters. Don't be surprised if Cassel somehow turns the ball over at a crucial moment next season; he was last seen throwing four interceptions against the Patriots in 2014.

While this move doesn't really have an impact on the Patriots, it certainly shows the mentality of the Bills front office on how they want to approach this season. Just like last year, this administration wants to win now and they're willing to move what it takes to make the team better.

Cassel isn't an improvement over Kyle Orton, but he'll offer a stopgap until the Bills can draft their actual quarterback of the future in the 2016 draft.

The Bills are certainly making 2015 interesting.