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Adam Schefter: Darrelle Revis Will Come Down to Patriots and Jets

The New England cornerback is going to make his decision and it will come down to two AFC East teams.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, All Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis will play for either the Jets or the Patriots in 2015. The Jets are willing to pay "anything he wants" in order to bring him back to New York.

The Patriots have $5 million of dead money invested in Revis this upcoming season, so expect the Patriots to either come to terms with an extension prior to the March 10th free agency period, or let him go so he can negotiate on the open market. They won't be able to take on his full cap hit with his option adding $20 million, bringing his full hit to $25 million.

The Jets rank towards the top of the league with regards to how much cap space they have to spend, while New England is more strapped than most. Still, Revis was willing to take a $2 million per season discount to come to the Patriots in 2014, which means that winning does mean something for him. The idea of returning to where he started has to be enticing, though.

All of the leaks are coming from New York, which means that both Revis' agent and the Jets want the world to know that Revis has options. This is provide leverage in negotiations with the Patriots.

Don't expect any penalties with tampering, though, since there have only been two instances of tampering resulting in a draft pick exchange:

1) In 2008, the 49ers swapped third round picks with the Bears (70th to 75th overall) and lost their 5th round pick after San Francisco was caught in discussions with Lance Briggs' agent.

2) In 2011, the Lions swapped 5th round picks with the Chiefs (140th to 154th overall) and lost a conditional 2012 6th/7th round pick (based on whether or not they made the playoffs) after Detroit was found to have reached out to Jarrad Page or his agent.

That's it. Picks are only lost if there's proof that a player or their agent was in contact with a separate franchise. A team making comments about another team's free agents isn't enough to rock the boat.

Perhaps the penalties will change if the Jets end up with Revis, but based upon what we've seen, there isn't much reason to expect trouble for New York.