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2015 Patriots Free Agency Rumors and News

Let's look at all of today's rumors and news pieces regarding the New England Patriots

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The New England Patriots are at the heart of many free agency transactions because Devin McCourty is one of the top available players. There are a lot of rumors and some actual worthwhile news, so we've compiled everything below.

Devin McCourty

McCourty is the Patriots top free agent and he's now linked to the NFC East- the NFC division on the Patriots schedule this season. The Eagles have some of the most cap space in the whole league and McCourty wants to go to a team with a shot at the championship. Philadelphia is likely the biggest threat to signing the defensive back.

Darrelle Revis

We broke this down here. If Revis is truly going to decide between New York and New England, we already know he gave up $2 million last season to play with the Patriots over the Browns or Raiders. He'll take a reasonable discount to be on a winner. Edge: Patriots.

Vince Wilfork

The Patriots didn't pick up Wilfork's option and it could change the face of the defense. But don't count out a potential return. Wilfork was slated for a $8.9 million cap hit, which is way too high for a 33-year old nose tackle a year removed from an Achilles injury and would have ranked 4th out of all defensive tackles in the league.

Defensive lineman Darnell Dockett, six months older than Wilfork and coming off an ACL injury, signed a two-year contract worth $7.5 million. Dockett, like Wilfork, was drafted in 2004 and spent his whole career with one team and was a long time captain. It's likely that Wilfork will draw a contract of marginally larger value.

The Patriots likely set a price tag for Wilfork- I'm thinking $4-5 million per season, which would rank between 10-15 for defensive tackles overall. Wilfork will test the market and will decide if the money the street offers is worth more than the Patriots offer, in addition to moving his family and leaving a winning franchise.

Shane Vereen

Vereen has reduced his asking price from $5 million to $3.5 million, which means that it'll possibly go even lower. $3.5 million per year matches Toby Gerhart and Donald Brown, the largest contracts for free agent running backs last season. Look for the Patriots to put a $2-2.5 million per season offer on the table and let Vereen make his decision.

Stevan Ridley

Morning Grind.

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There haven't been any links to Ridley as of yet, but he looks like he's closing in on his return.

Brandon Marshall

The Bears are looking for a mid-round pick for Marshall. Don't look too far into this one. Marshall is assuming the role of Larry Fitzgerald rumors since Fitz restructured his contract.

Andre Johnson

ESPN says that the Patriots make the most sense as a landing spot for disgruntled veteran wide receiver Andre Johnson. Tell me again if and when he's cut because there's so way New England assumes his contract.

Brian Hartline

If the Patriots bring in a free agent receiver, it will be someone who earns less than Julian Edelman and, depending on function, Brandon LaFell. Hartline will take less money and would fit in well.