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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Malcolm Butler Saves the Season vs Rainbow LaFell

We're in the Sweet Sixteen trying to whittle down to the Elite Eight!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

1. Malcolm Butler Saves the Season

There's something magical about the way Malcolm Butler cradles the football to the ground and I think it has to do with his helmet being slightly too big for him. Or maybe the chin strap just wasn't on tight enough. But the way the helmet just sloshes over his head makes the entire interception slightly more fantastical.

He looks so small when he clutches the ball, partially from the helmet and partially because of the forced perspective of the camera angle and how Dont'a Hightwer looks so much larger. It's beautiful and it's a moment that will live on forever.

13. Rainbow LaFell

Folks, I still can't believe this play is going to get knocked out this round. If it weren't for the above GIF, this play would go down as the best of the entire season. Tom Brady launches a perfectly placed 30-yard pass and Brandon LaFell corrals it with one hand as he wards off the defender with his other arm.

I don't know if you ran this play over and over and over again how many times Brady would convert this. It's like the Mario Manningham pass from the 2011 Super Bowl, even if it's on a lesser stage. The fact that it's against the Ravens makes it a little more sweet.