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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Edelman was a College Quarterback vs Brandon Bolden's Contract Extension

We're in the Sweet Sixteen trying to whittle down to the Elite Eight!

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

1. Edelman was a College Quarterback

My one regret with this play? Where is the end zone shot of Danny Amendola doing the high step that transitions into some sort of arm waving through the photographers. I want that GIF angle. I need that.

Also, hooray to right guard Josh Kline for battling through another difficult match-up. He lined up against the Bills, Jets, and Ravens this season, which means that he's been asked to line up against the most difficult defensive lines in the league.

12. Brandon Bolden's Contract Extension

This is one of just two plays remaining that doesn't involve the goal line. Everything else is either a touchdown or a play that brings the Patriots to the goal line.

And here's Brandon Bolden completely demolishing a member of the Colts. I have a theory that this GIF is still around because it's against Indianapolis; if this was the Vikings, or something, I don't know if this would be alive.

But oh my gosh it's against the Colts and every Patriots fan takes a little pleasure because of what the Colts took from the Patriots during Super Bowl week.