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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Hot Potato vs Tom Brady Takes Matters In His Own Hands

We're in the Sweet Sixteen trying to whittle down to the Elite Eight!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

5. Hot Potato

What makes this moment so magical was the fact that Tom Brady and Julian Edelman connected on a record setting moment. They actually planned out this charade during the week prior to the game and practiced the motions of tossing the ball back and forth to make sure they wouldn't embarrass themselves during the game.

Oh, wait, sorry, that was Peyton Manning after he set the touchdown record. This is just an old fashioned touchdown celebration by a quarterback who can still fire up his teammates.

16. Tom Brady Takes Matters In His Own Hands

Oh, speaking of firing up teammates, how about this Tom Brady scramble?

Question, do you cringe when you see Brady lower his shoulder when there's impending contact? Or does it inspire you? Or does it depend on the situation?

For me, I used to cringe at every scramble, but this year has been different. I'm weirdly confident and fired up every time he crosses the line of scrimmage, like something incredible is about to happen.

I still think that's funny.