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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Gronkowski Monster vs IncrEdelman Punt Return

Which teams move on to the Elite Eight?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

2. Gronkowski Monster

Wait, did I just notice Dan Connolly running fifty yards on this play? Look when Tom Brady throws the ball and Connolly is lined up at the 50 yard line. Rob Gronkowski catches the ball at the 33 yard line. Gronk crosses the goal line four yards ahead of Connolly.

Maybe Connolly's kick return wasn't an aberration. Maybe he's just an athletic freak that was miscast at offensive guard. Maybe he should play tight end instead of Nate Solder, or maybe he should line up at 3-4 defensive end, or maybe he should just catch screen passes and run through the secondary.

What is he doing?

11. IncrEdelman Punt Return

Speaking of speed, how about Tim Wright having the most non-Julian Edelman impact on this play? Watch how he gets at the punter- he actually somehow gets behind the punter- and then watch how Edelman turns the corner at the 35 yard line. It's Wright again, sealing the corner and opening up the outside lane for Jules.

Wright might not be the best blocker on offense, but his value added on this play can't be ignored.