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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Malcolm Butler Saves the Season vs Brandon Browner Lays the Wood

Which GIFs can make the Final Four?!

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

1. Malcolm Butler Saves the Season

Malcolm Butler made it to the Elite Eight through its closest match of the tournament. After beating Chandler Jones and Rob Gronkowski in the first two rounds with identical 96% to 4% scores, Butler beat Brandon LaFell's game winning touchdown over the Ravens with a relatively close match of, uh, 91% to 9%.

So not really that close. But this GIF is basically Kentucky playing college basketball so anything beyond the Championship would be a complete and utter disappointment.

2. Brandon Browner Lays the Wood

Brandon Browner and Devin McCourty have seen their winning margin decrease with each round. They beat Darrelle Revis with an 86% to 14% score in the opening round, followed by a 78% to 22% win over Chandler Jones.

In a non-surprising victory, but still an enjoyable match-up, they took down Ryan Allen's insane punt with a 64% to 36% take down.

Do they have enough fire power to take down Butler? I think the GIF might be the only part involved a knock-out.