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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Go Go Gadget Gronk vs Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

Which GIFs can make the Final Four?!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

1. Go Go Gadget Gronk

Rob Gronkowski is ridiculous. If he somehow managed to roll into the end zone for a touchdown, this would've been considered the best all year.

In possibly the most Gronk move of the bracket, he's won two of his match-ups, against Duron Harmon and Danny Amendola, in 69% to 31% victories. Only Gronk wins with a consistent 69%.

His 94% to 6% victory over Lamar Miler's shoe in the second round was the third largest margin of victory in the tournament. It's a strong bet to make it to the final.

6. Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

This is the last remaining reaction GIF and it's easily the most notable. After breezing past the first two rounds against Chris Jones and Nate Solder, Tom Brady and Richard Sherman staged an upset over a Brady scramble with a closely fought 54% to 46% margin.

There's an emotional connection with this GIF- but can it take down Gronk?