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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Gronk Does Gronk Things vs Tom Brady Takes Matters In His Own Hands

Which GIFs can make the Final Four?!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

2. Gronk Does Gronk Things

Rob Gronkowski took down Mark Wahlberg in the opening round in a 90% to 10% blowout. He followed that up with matching 77% to 23% victories over Julian Edelman's 69 yard touchdown and Vince Wilfork's game winning interception over the Raiders.

This touchdown is probably the greatest catch-and-run of the entire year. I could watch it forever.

16. Tom Brady Takes Matters In His Own Hands

How about the 16 seed that managed to make its way to the Elite Eight? Tom Brady's scramble took down 1 seed Chandler Jones' blocked field goal and subsequent return for a touchdown with a 64% to 36% victory. Brady took down Devin McCourty's interception against the Ravens with 84% of the vote, and then beat Brady and Julian Edelman's Hot Potato toss with 77% of the vote.

This run might not have been the best of his career, but it came on 3rd down with the Patriots' back against the wall in the playoffs. It's probably one of the most important.