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2015 Patriots GIF of the Year: Edelman was a College Quarterback vs IncrEdelman Punt Return

Which GIFs can make the Final Four?!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

1. Edelman was a College Quarterback

Julian Edelman opens up his quadrant of the bracket with an Edelman on Edelman battle, and he'll have to stamp his ticket to the Final Four with another.

Jules beat Edelman getting clobbered in the Super Bowl in a closely fought 55% to 45% battle, but his margin of victory grew with each round. He beat Jamie Collins' hit on Calvin Johnson in the second round with 89% of the vote and then beat Brandon Bolden's knockout of the Colts with 90%.

Can he keep gaining steam?

11. IncrEdelman Punt Return

Only Julian Edelman can stop Julian Edelman. That much has been made clear both on the field and in the GIF of the Year tournament (although I guess Rob Gronkowski has taken out two Edelman GIFs so far).

Jules' punt return beat down an incredible Matthew Slater special teams tackle with 80% of the vote in the opening round. He then barely made it past Danny Amendola in the second round with 57% of the vote. Edelman picked up some momentum against Rob Gronkowski in the Sweet Sixteen round with a 64% to 36% victory.

Only one Edelman can remain.