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Eagles Land CB Byron Maxwell for $53 Million, Patriots S Devin McCourty Up Next

The Eagles have nabbed their top free agent target and the Patriots safety is next on their list.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles have landed their top free agent target in cornerback Byron Maxwell with a 5 year deal worth $53-54 million. The average of $10.6-10.8 million per year will make Maxwell the 5th highest paid cornerback in the league (including a projected contract for Darrelle Revis).

Maxwell is a good corner, but it's hard to believe he's worth that much money. He's had one full quality starting season with the Seahawks after years as a rotational back-up.

The big red flag here is that the Eagles seem to be willing to pay up for their free agents. That's a lot of money for someone with one season as a #2 cornerback, and it probably spells a ton of money for a proven elite free safety.

The Eagles really want to land Devin McCourty so it will be interesting to see how highly they value him, especially if they're fine with overpaying.

The Patriots have to hope they can stay within range.